Healing Crystals & Stones

This page brings to you wisdom belonging to the healing crystals & stones gifted to us by our Mother Earth. All of the information on this page is based on my own research, experiences and the experiences of others when working with healing crystals & stones.


  • Black Agate promotes courage, grounding, balance and self-confidence. Black Agate connects the spirit and physical planes together and grounds you in reality.
  • Crackle Agate forms a protective barrier of vibrations around its wearer, absorbing negativity and psychic attack and directing it back to its source. A third stone to work powerfully with the lower Chakras, Crackle Agate centres energy more strongly within the lower three chakras, helping to stimulate sexuality and creative, awakening the fire and drive within the spirit.
  • Yellow Agate can help to boost confidence when it is lacking, including bolstering bravery and self-esteem, making it the perfect stone to have on your person or in your home when you need to step outside of your comfort zone or feel vulnerable. Yellow Agate can help with various physical ailments such as assisting with stomach ailments and digestion and skin conditions.

Mala for Protection against psychic & emotional attack crafted with healing crystals & stones.

Amethyst is used the world over as a healing with powerful protective vibrations.  It works to clear spaces of negative energies and to purify vibrations.  The wearer / carrier will find themselves protected from psychic attack and the effects of ill wishes towards them.  It soothes stress and anxieties and assists with positive intentions and clarity.  An excellent crystal to use in meditation as the bearer will find their intuition and psychic abilities heightened.  Amethyst can also help with nightmares, insomnia, and ailments of the blood.  Any work with the crown or third eye chakra benefit from the inclusion of amethyst into the practice.


  • Blue Aventurine is wonderful to hold when stresses are becoming too much. It’s vibrations and energy will help you to breathe more slowly and visualise yourself in a calm space.
  • Pink Aventurine resonates with the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, creating a wonderful sense of well-being. Most people find Pink Aventurine to be a very calming stone that can provide clarity when faced with a feeling of stagnation or of being trapped, helping to see alternative paths and possibilities in both the direction of life and of how to view and interpret feelings and situations. It increases happiness and the potential for happiness and laughter.
  • Purple Aventurine improves outlook and perspective on all situations and circumstances, assisting positive and good results from challenging and difficult situations. Purple Aventurine promotes psychic awareness, enhances motivation, and supports you to live as your authentic self.
  • Red Aventurine is a great assistant for physical conditions. It is good for blood conditions including high cholesterol and low blood pressure. It is also useful for those with an irregular heartbeat. Red Aventurine assists with slow metabolism and reduced physical energy as well as assisting with hormone imbalances. It can also promote an anti-inflammatory effect. On a spiritual level Red Aventurine encourages gratitude and generosity and is linked to the Sacral Chakra.

Mala for Tranquillity and Self Discovery crafted with healing crystals & stones

Citrine is one of my most favourite stones. It has such a sunny feel and brings a warmth through my whole body when I wear or hold it. Citrine is wonderful for stimulating healthy digestion and supports the spleen, liver, and pancreas. In addition to this Citrine boosts a positive attitude and dissolves negativity, enhances intuition and acts as a muse to help creativity be realised and expressed to its full potential. Citrine will fill you with warming energy, open you up to happiness and joy, and gently help you to engage in social situations when you find yourself reluctant to do so.

Dragons Blood Stone: brings the mind and body into a state of calm aiding a person in setting and achieving goals, creativity, aiding in the healing journey of self discovery, and self love. Opens the heart and inspires compassion for others. Promotes grounding.

Garnet also inspires creative energy, inspiration and desire. It brings out in its keeper the ability to work lovingly and with care and attention on the physical plane. Despite this Garnett is also a stone of sensuality and sexual imagination. Personally I have come to use Garnett in my own work as a physical representation of Persephone and the pomegranate seeds that so define her mythology, and although not the obvious choice, her story to me is the ultimate one of love, trust, loyalty and lust. It is a stone of strong, intense feelings.

Haematite will wrap you in a sense of calm, helping to alleviate stress, worry and unrest. A very Earth based stone, Haematite encourages grounding and allows us to keep our feet on the ground and to feel centred. As the name Haematite suggests, this stone is a very good stone to carry, wear or surround yourself with for anything to do with the blood it being an iron based stone. Haematite absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive energy as it releases it. For this reason it is a great choice for cleansing rooms or even your own energy – particularly the energy around the root chakra.


  • Frosted White Jade dispels negativity and brings calmness to mind and soul, soothing raw emotions and pain. Many also believe White Jade, which in fact a type of Quartz rather than actually Jade, will bring good luck to its keeper.
  • Green Jade: serenity, tranquillity, purity, good luck, friendship, peace, and harmony. Soothes the mind, stabilises the personality.
  • White Jade dispels negativity and again brings calmness to mind and soul, soothing raw emotions and pain. Many also believe white Jade, which in fact a type of Quartz rather than actually Jade, will bring good luck to its keeper. White Jade again will vibrate within you feelings of peace and calm. The healing ability of White Jade is powerful as it purifies the negative energies within your heart, spirit and heart Chakra. White Jade will also enhance the intensity of love and will ease transitions, challenges and changes.

Mala for the Heart Chakra – Peace and Calm and Harmony crafted with healing crystals & stones


  • Cherry Blossom Jasper or Pink Jasper, is a gemstone that will neutralise toxins within the body and mind, cleanse the aura and vibrate powerfully within the heart Chakra to unblock and cleanse. Wearing or holding this stone has a tremendously positive and soothing impact on the nervous system, soothing anxiety, nerves, and stress. This is also a gemstone which gifts is wearer with growth and development, reinvigorating love and relationships that have grown stagnant, stale and dull.
  • Grey Scenery Jasper is a nurturing stone of body, mind and spirit, Jasper has been used by civilisations as far back as the earliest Mesopotamians and ancient Egyptians. Grey Jasper is a great stone for dissolving melancholy energy and whisking away negativity. It eases sadness, fights depression and soothes anxiety. For those who work in high stress environments, Grey Jasper is great for absorbing and dissipating stress and helping the mind to focus and concentrate. It encourages plans to become actions. Grey Jasper helps ease muscle cramps, especially in the legs. It fights insomnia and relieves back problems. It would cure the throat and any problems related to it and it can help to ward off winter viruses and contagious diseases. Grey Jasper is a filtering gemstone which works well with all the Chakras.
  • Pink Zebra Jasper brings contentment and joy. It has a gentle and calming effect vibration which decreases anxiety and promotes relaxation. Like all jaspers, it is a protective stone that can bring stability, security and grounding. Physically benefits the lymphatic system, skin, kidney and bladder conditions. Protects from physical and spiritual harm.
  • Tiger Skin Jasper works with the Sacral Chakra and other lower Chakras promoting physical and creative virility and assisting with grounding, physical strength and stamina. This stone will also assist with courage.

Mala for Love Romance Sensuality and Self Love crafted with healing crystals & stones

Lava Rock is a grounding stone, connecting us to our Mother Earth and reminding us to keep our feet on the ground.  It offers stability through times of challenge and change.  It helps us to find calm when we are overcome by rage and anger and encourages us to come back fighting when we suffer a knock to our emotional or spiritual selves.  Lava rock also absorbs the wonderful scents of essential oils, making them a wonderful choice to use in jewellery or to have close by a bed or workspace where subtle aromatherapy can really be beneficial.

Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and power. It calms and soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone encourages intuition and inspiration. It is especially effective for woman, with its ethereal feminine aura.

Peridot has a soothing effect on the nervous system, bringing a sense of calm and rest.  For this reason, Peridot is also hugely beneficial to promoting a peaceful sleep.  During the waking hours Peridot helps to stave off lethargy and tiredness when they are symptoms of mental fatigue or depression.  This healing crystal can also aid in balancing disorders such as bipolar, anxieties and depression as well as promoting self-esteem and easing embarrassment.  Peridot can help a person to facilitate necessary change in their mind and body.  Physically Peridot is said to aid problems with the liver and the rest of the digestive system, acting like a tonic to detoxify and regenerate the body.  Due to this action it can also help with problem skin conditions.

Rose quartz brings a feminine energy of unconditional love, compassion, peace, tenderness and comfort. Rose quartz attracts new love, nourishes existing love and develops closer bonds. It also inspires self love, the growth of inner beauty and stimulates imagination and inspiration for creativity such as art, music, reading and creative writing.

Ruby in Zoisite: Ruby is the stone of courage and strength, purging the fear and anxiety that se feel on a daily basis. Green Zoisite’s energy produces growth and fertility in all aspects of life. Eases depression and boosts the immune system.

Selenite is known to be a powerful healing crystal that promotes peace and calm, turns negative energy and vibrations into positive ones and a general all round good crystal to wear or to use as a pendulum to maintain a cleansed space around you.  Selenite is a good choice for connecting with the spiritual and higher realms and so works very well as a pendulum; I can speak to this myself.  Selenite is very often used as a wand, though this does not mean your Selenite needs to look like the traditional image of a wand.  Passing a (preferably charged) stick of Selenite over an object or person will clear away not just negativity but any previous energies that have been absorbed.  Selenite is also used in aura cleansing by simply passing the crystal over a person (imagine a metal detector wand at an airport).  DO NOT PLACE SELENITE IN WATER.  Hanging Selenite at the front door or your home will help to keep the energies of the day outside of your home.  If you are experiencing minor unwanted disturbances try hanging a piece of selenite in the space.

Serpentine assists the retrieval of ancient knowledge and wisdom deep within to ease the passage through change and transformation that comes with life, whether that be a small or huge change in circumstances, emotional well-being or spiritual / ethical path. It unblocks all of the Chakras and especially stimulates the crown chakra, opening psychic abilities and allowing intuitive messages to flow.

Tigers Eye is a wonderful choice when you’re struggling with mood swings, pessimism and anxieties. It helps the wearer / carrier to overcome self doubt and encourages will power and self forgiveness. It aids in focussing thoughts and emotions, and allows an objective and non-emotional assessment of situations and choices. Physically I would chose Tigers Eye to help with fertility and other reproductive issues, and for any illnesses of the throat and respiratory system. I wear this stone myself to help me to maintain an objective viewpoint when needed, unclouded by my emotions.

Turquoise is excellent for fighting depression and building self belief and self confidence and forgiveness. Turquoise balances all of the chakras and in doing so creates inner calm, easing mood swings and inner conflict.

Mala to ease Depression, Soothe Anxiety and promote Self Confidence crafted with healing crystals & stones

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