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Flame-haired Witch burning brightly with light & dark magic, working with elements & elementals, dark goddesses & wild woman instincts deep in Northumberland, inviting you to journey with me through the simplicities and depths of the old ways, and the ancient, natural and mystical landscapes I roam through in this most enchanting of pagan paths through life.

Grounding amongst and offering respect to the
crops gifted to us by the Earth Goddess, our matured May Queen.

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  • The Wisdom of Darkness: Persephone
    You are invited to accompany me on a soul journey within the words that follow, to sit in the earth with me, fingernails dirty …
  • Imbolc Returns
    Imbolc is the first Pagan Sabbat to fall after the turn of the calendar new year, usually celebrated on 1st and 2nd of February.  Personally, I celebrate on 1st February every year with so much excitement.
  • Mabon Returns
    Mabon.  A word we all know, and a word we all associate with the Autumnal Equinox. As with every seasonal celebration, Mabon returns at the …
  • Celebrating Litha – Summer Solstice
    A roaring bonfire with flames high into the air and burning late into the night and early morning is a great way to celebrate the Goddess and the Oak King – the Green Man. We light ritual and symbolic fires, acknowledging that this is the longest day in the turn of the Wheel, and to feel the warmth of the flames that will warm us in the coming months.
  • Solar Eclipse – June 2021
    If, like me, you watched the Solar Eclipse – June 2021 – you probably found it as amazing as I did. Watching the Moon slowly creep in front of the Sun and being awed at how ever changing and vast the Universe we live in really is.In Northumberland, this particular Solar Eclipse – June 2021 saw the Moon covering 28% of the Sun, which may not seem like much, however it was still really something to watch.
  • Ostara Ramblings 2021
    Ostara falls on Saturday 20th March in 2021 and brings to the forefront of our minds the coming of the sun.  Ostara is one …
  • Imbolc
    Imbolc is a joyous and much celebrated date on the Pagan Wheel of the Year.   Celebrated across the 1st and 2nd February; primarily for …
  • Interview with Pagans of the North Magazine
    Over the course of the last year, I have become much more acquainted with other local (and many none local) Pagans who I have …