Online Pagan Shops

So much shopping is carried out online now and I am very excited to put together a catalogue of my very favourite online pagan shops. With even established shops, such as those on my Pagan Shops page, providing online services, it would be madness to ignore this way of shopping for your supplies.

Etsy, NUMonday and Facebook have all become prominent and important platforms for small businesses and I for one could spend hours lost looking through the wares, crafts and creations of magic they have to offer.

Consider these small businesses when you’re looking for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or treats for yourself; one extra sale here and there could be the difference between staying open or not for some smaller niche and unique businesses.

1. Ginger Witchcrafting:

I suppose I was always going to put my own shop at the top of the list. In my shop you can find spell bottles, Mala Beads, Pagan artwork and there will be much more to come.

2. Luna & Sol:

A place to buy the personal, magical and sometimes one-off pieces for your home. The lady behind Luna & Sol puts her heart and soul into her creations and truly wants to bring you something special. She’s also my best sister witch and totally rocks.

3. Earth Smoke Bone Song:

A magical treasure trove o wonderful pagan talismans where I have found many precious and unique pieces. One of my favourite shops. Ever.

4. Quiet Mind Wellbeing:

Amazing aromatherapy products, handmade, sustainable and vegan friendly. Also, I subscribe to the monthly aromatherapy box and adore it, I look forward to it coming every month.

5. The Broom Closet:

A shop for witchcraft supplies and gifts, pagan décor and divination.

6. Art by Lady Viktoria:

My very favourite artist, as you can probably tell as she appears in all of my blog posts.

7. Secrets of Awen:

Guidance, Direction and Healing for Body, Mind and Soul.

8. Mara Acoma Art:

Wonderfully artistic photography – you have to check this website out, I was blown away when I met Mara on Facebook and looked at the beautiful work she creates.

9. The Reading Room Candle Company:

I mean, what is there to say? The products speak for themselves. Absolutely outstandingly beautiful and meaningful candles representing some well loved and fantasy characters and important mythology. I discovered this wonderful treasure trove of candle loveliness whilst in an Instagram scrolling stupor. I was revived from my stupor when I saw their advert and instantly went to their Etsy shop to find myself making a (sizeable) list of candles to add to my wish list. I have so far ordered Lilith for myself which is soooo dreamy, and the Game of Thrones inspired dragon trio as this years mothers day present for my own dear mother.

10. Beaten Heart Jewellery:

I found this jewellery in the wonderful Whitley Bay shop Melluna (link above). I instantly loved their bracelets and earrings, promptly treating myself to a fabulous copper bracelet and being treated to a pair of copper earrings for Christmas.