Trees Herbs and Flowers – Magical and Healing Properties

Trees Herbs and Flowers – Magical and Healing Properties

This page brings to you wisdom belonging to the Earth, bringing you an abundance of information on the magical and healing gifted to us by our Mother Earth. All of the information on this page is based on my own research, experiences and the experiences of others when working with healing herbs, plants and flowers. Welcome to my one of my most favourite pages on my website; Trees Herbs and Flowers – Magical and Healing Properties.


  • Red: Wild berries in deep red show how colourful beauty thrives in cold dark times and that our inner fire, even when simmering in the background, can never be truly extinguished.

Heather: is symbolic of luck and prosperity, but also symbolises beauty, protection and confidence.

Ivy relies upon it’s own resilience, representing endurance; an undying, ever bright and resilient just as is our Mother earth through any conditions,

Juniper Berries: come of course from the Juniper Tree, a tree found across fairy tales in all cultures of the world and considered to have many magical properties.  Standing it’s ground where it sets down roots, the Juniper offers shelter from harsh weather and protection from storms.  It is thought that Juniper aids with physical conditions worsened in the cold such as bronchitis and arthritis.  Burning Juniper wood is also popular in cleansing rituals and the smoke is thought by some to aid clairvoyance.

Mustard Seeds: bring a spice and heat to your spell jar and infuse any ritual you make this jar a part of with that same heat. Perfectly balanced with the softness of roses and rose quartz, mustard seeds add a dash of spark to your ritual.

Pine Trees & Pine Cones: Pine trees are brought into homes during Yule and Christmas not only due to the symbolic nature of the evergreen but because they are also symbolic of peace and hope. There is much lore about the pine tree, particularly in the Heathen North, being a beacon of light throughout the darkest months. We also honour the element of earth with beautifully earthy pine cones.

Roses: A timeless symbol of love and togetherness and the true embodiment of the manifestation of romance, Rose petals emanate the intention of a positive and healthy love.

  • Orange Roses: reflect the warmth and comfort of the hearth during cold autumn and winter months.

Salt: protects against negativity, ill intent and unpleasant energies. Salt can also provide protection against unwanted attention from the spiritual and other worlds. I must stress here that you should never take any actions to interact with the spiritual or other worlds unless you know exactly what you are doing.

  • Pink Himalayan Salt brings a creative and warming purity to the intentions of this love charm spell jar, deflecting any negativity and ill intent away from you and absorbing the positivity from the energies surrounding you.

Yellow Flowers: bring sunshine and warmth into our homes. They are a wonderful addition to the home and to spell work during any season, representing the sun high in the sky and bring abundance during the warm Spring and Summer months, and being a symbol of light and warmth to guide us through the dark and cold Autumn and Winter months.

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