Grimoire of Witchcraft Wisdom

Within this Grimoire of witchcraft wisdom, which is an ever evolving library of fascination, you will find a dynamic and diverse encyclopaedia of magical, metaphysical and pagan knowledge, experience and information. Everything from healing crystals, ritual herbs and their properties, Gods and Goddesses through to historical and contemporary information on paganism and its many facets.

I will take some topics or items and write more about them in the Ginger Witch in Northumberland Blog if they especially grab my interest or are something I have spent a lot of time working with. I am also very open to requests for topics to be added or explored by me, though I cannot guarantee any timescales.

I will also provide recommended reading, podcasts and authorities that I have personally found to be of great interest and quality. Of course, one size doesn’t fit all and you may well already have your favourites, but the odd recommendation of a fellow With / Druid / Pagan doesn’t hurt.

I put a lot of my experience and knowledge into practice to bring you magically and ritually charged items in my Ritual Shop, and in my Etsy Store, which stocks identical items. It is better for me if you purchase from my Ritual Shop as it helps me brand and will eventually allow me to sell less on an outside platform.

This very special Grimoire of Witchcraft Wisdom will also guide you to understand the materials and rituals used around my cauldron and when making these ritual items.

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