2021 June Moon

Full Moons of 2022

A simple list of the Full Moons of 2022, along with their dates and times. Enjoy making your magic and dancing in the moonlight. Who cares if anyone is watching.

Witches, druids and Pagans following many other paths follow the phases of the moon and base their magical workings to fall in sync with it’s cyclical rhythms of darkness through to light. Many of us, whether Pagan or not, and whether we realise it or not, many of us find our moods, emotions, motivations and even our energy affected by the phases of the moon.

And let’s face it, who can deny what a beautiful sight it is to see the bright and luminous full moon beaming down upon us from the inky night sky. It is no wonder our ancient ancestors, from the Celts and Anglo Saxons to the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilisations, worshipped and honoured the moon just as reverently as they did the sun, and tracked it’s course across the night sky with wonderous inventions and the stone circles and monuments that stand shrouded in so much myth and mystery today.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings about the moon, which I am sure you can tell I am enamoured with; here are your Full Moons of 2022:

Wolf Moon

Snow Moon

Worm Moon

Pink Moon

Flower Moon

Strawberry Moon

Buck Moon

Sturgeon Moon

Harvest Moon

Hunter’s Moon

Beaver Moon

Cold Moon

17th January

16th February

18th March

16th April

16th May

14th June

13th July

11th August

10th September

9th October

8th November

7th December

There you have it – The Full Moons of 2022.