Solar Eclipse - June 2021

Solar Eclipse – June 2021

If, like me, you watched the Solar Eclipse – June 2021 – on 11th, you probably found it as amazing as I did. Watching the Moon slowly creep in front of the Sun and being awed at how ever changing and vast the Universe we live in really is.

In Northumberland, this particular Solar Eclipse – June 2021 saw the Moon covering 28% of the Sun, which may not seem like much, however it was still really something to watch. My ever prepared and wonderful boyfriend (who is a massively keen and skilled astronomer) ordered us solar glasses so we could safely watch the Solar Eclipse Directly without harming our eyes.

*** If you ever set out to watch a Solar Eclipse please please use these glasses, they are easy to find online and are not expensive, we paid £3 for two pairs – it’s just not worth damaging your eyes. ***

We already know that the movements of the moon affect our Earth, the most simple example being the pull of the tides moving with the rhythm of the moon. But if the moon can control something as vast as the seas and oceans, it seems clear to me that it can affect so much more, and that the energy from the moon affects us every day in different ways, after all, the human body is made up of around 70% water; why wouldn’t the body therefore also be affected by the pulls of the moon. I don’t claim to be an expert, however I am learning and I hope to bring you a post on what I learn once I’ve learned enough to fill a few paragraphs at least.

The live stream my boyfriend put out of this Eclipse, filmed through his telescope (with appropriate solar filters) from our back garden.

What I have learned about the Eclipse yesterday is that many Astrologers and Sensitives believe the coming together of the Moon and the Sun, as we see them, opens an energetic portal, in this case an even more powerful portal as this solar eclipse fell on a New Moon. Astrologists tell us that decisions and manifestations made on a Solar Eclipse will have more impact, more whammy if you like. Their happening will be faster, their impact greater and their success long lasting and permanent. It is a time when something will end in order to make way for a new beginning. It is important to remember though, that whilst something coming to an end to make way for a new beginning is exciting, not all endings are easy and the emotions you feel will be amplified further by the energy from the Solar Eclipse.

Moving away from the Astrology element what we also see is the coming together of the masculine and feminine elements of the sky above us. The burning, fierce and blinding brilliance of the Sun watching over us and often burning with a too strong heat whilst caressing our skin and lifting our spirits is soothed by the gentle and soft touch of our Luna Lady, who gracefully moves in font of him to whisper her own knowledge and receive her Lords imparted wisdom in return. The celestial bodies who bring us night and day, and bring us the seasons and all of their beauties, share a space for a few beautiful moments to remind us of how interwoven their own cycles are with our own.

During this Solar Eclipse we laid out a blanket and some cushions in our garden, my boyfriend set us his telescope with various Solar filters to record the whole spectacle, then we lay down, eyes to the sky and just let the heat, the energy and most definitely the wonderful visual event take over those moments.

I also set out a lot of my crystals and jewellery to soak up the energy of the Solar Eclipse and was sure to wear a loose cover up to allow my body to absorb as much of the energy as it needed. Bringing the crystals back inside afterwards I could feel the energy emanating from them; holding them sent tingles through my fingers and putting my jewellery back on felt warming and invigorating.

An excess of energy seemed to slowly release from me throughout the rest of the day, most notably I was chatting with my deceased grandmother while stopped for a coffee in Morpeth when the empty cup that I had been drinking from began to dance across the table without any physical assistance.

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