Quiet Mind Wellbeing

Quiet Mind is the wonderful creation of Bethan, who I met whilst at a Pagan camp a long drive away from home in the South. I have had all of the monthly subscription boxes since Bethan first started this venture and I have not been disappointed yet. The dreamy smells; relaxing, calming, invigorating, motivating and grounding are all moments of delight in my days. I use the oils and rollerballs to ease my mind during busy work days, send me into blissful sleep and to fill my senses with inspiration and joy.

Whilst I have loved every product, my absolute favourite is Autumn Equinox. The smell is sheer delight, I simply can’t get enough. I have been told by the wonderful children in my life that I smell like autumn trees and piles of leaves, and the warmth in the coming of cold days when I wear this oil. I have also used it on some troublesome patches of skin and where no other cream, prescription or off the shelf, has worked, this oil has completely transformed this area of skin back to being smooth and lovely.

If you have a love for aromatherapy healing, or just enjoy a beautifully smelling product, I cannot recommend Bethan and Quiet Mind enough.

As an added bonus, every monthly subscription box comes with a healing tumbles stone perfectly attuned to the theme of that month.

I can only see me ending this subscription if Bethan herself ceases to create these monthly boxes that make me let out a little squeak of excitement when the postman knocks on the door and I get to tease myself by seeing what I can smell through the box before I open it.

You can find Quiet Mind Wellbeing HERE.

Beaten Heart Jewellery

I discovered Beaten Heart Jewellery stocked in a wonderful shop in Whitley Bay called Melluna. I love copper jewellery and spotted this range straight away and there was no doubt in my mind that I would be purchasing something – but how to choose when I loved everything. The pieces were all delicate and pretty but robust with a really earthy and natural feeling about them. And better still, they are affordable to normal people on normal every day wages like you and me. I ended up choosing a copper bangle with the elements carved into it, and a pair of copper moon earrings. I treated myself to the bangle and my boyfriend bought the earrings to go in my Yule stocking.

Mysteriously, although wrapped and put in my stocking, the earrings were missing on Christmas morning. We turned the house upside down and, emptied out the bag of unicorn, dinosaur and other assorted wrappings to make sure they’d not gone into there by mistake, but there was just no sign of them.

Obviously I needed to buy some more, but could not get to the shop due to lockdown the third. What to do? I decided Instagram would be my saviour. I posted a plea for help to Beaten Heart Jewellery and they were absolutely marvellous, having more of the earrings in stock and very kindly gifting me a new pair due the mysterious and Christmassy circumstances of the missing ones. What an absolutely amazingly kind act for which I am very very grateful. And now I am a customer for life. In fact, I might just head over to their Facebook now and take myself for a little look.

The earrings have still not made their whereabouts known, perhaps it will always be a mystery. If they ever reappear I will send them back and the creators can make use of the moons again for another piece. What is not a mystery, is that you should look at the creations of this lovely shop and treat yourself to something special.

You can find Beaten Heart Jewellery HERE.