Ginger Witch

Flame haired Witch burning brightly with light & dark magic, working with elements & elementals, dark goddesses & wild woman instincts deep in Northumberland, inviting you to journey with me through the simplicities and depths of the old ways, and the ancient, natural and mystical landscapes I roam through in this most enchanting of pagan paths through life.

I will also take you on a journey through some of the amazing landscapes and magical places here in Northumberland, such as the ancient sunken forest in Cresswell, which you can find my ramblings in here:

We will delve into the world of Oracle cards and Runes, building altars, celebrating the wheel of the year and creating spells and rituals. Take a look at my first Rune Blog here:

It is also my hope to support some of the the beautiful, ethical and mother earth friendly businesses that I love to buy my products from, some of my absolute favourites being:

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