Celebrating Litha – Summer Solstice

A roaring bonfire with flames high into the air and burning late into the night and early morning is a great way to celebrate the Goddess and the Oak King – the Green Man. We light ritual and symbolic fires, acknowledging that this is the longest day in the turn of the Wheel, and to feel the warmth of the flames that will warm us in the coming months.

Solar Eclipse – June 2021

If, like me, you watched the Solar Eclipse – June 2021 – you probably found it as amazing as I did. Watching the Moon slowly creep in front of the Sun and being awed at how ever changing and vast the Universe we live in really is.

In Northumberland, this particular Solar Eclipse – June 2021 saw the Moon covering 28% of the Sun, which may not seem like much, however it was still really something to watch.