Representation of Hail or Hailstones and pronounced haw-gaw-lawz.

This morning I pulled Hagalaz when asking for insight from the runes on the day ahead.

Hagalaz represents a sense of confinement and constriction that will melt away into freedom and fluidity.  It speaks to us of wrath, destruction and forces within us that cannot be controlled, however their contemplation will bring us inner peace as they run their course. We must allow these force last to run their intended course as no matter how hard we try, we will not be able to bend them to our will or control the path they take.

My own arrangement of Hagalaz , rune from the Elder Futhark

When we draw Hagalaz we must be aware of being circled by sickness and crisis, suffering and hardship; our lesson here is that we must stand facing such trials and teach ourselves to become at one with them, to move with them so that they glide past us, still leaving their mark as they touch us, but not breaking us as they would if we stood rigid against their rage as they crashed upon us. 

My own arrangement of Hagalaz , rune from the Elder Futhark

Hagalaz can also indicate that we are surrounded by chaos, or that we feel chaotic within our own minds or bodies. When I draw this rune I like to take a few moments to sit with my own thoughts and to really notice how my body feels; do I have any pain, unrest or aches to address that I’d not noticed or put off dealing with? Are there issues nagging at my mind that I am now being ushered towards dealing with? Maybe it’s time to put too many “to do” thoughts into a “to do” list to calm the storm swirling around in our minds – being able to look at things like that visually and then tick items off a list always helps to calm my mind if it’s in a storm.

My own arrangement of Hagalaz , rune from the Elder Futhark

In the runic alphabet Hagalaz is the letter H and many believe the colour blue entwines with Hagalaz. 

Stay Wild & Blessed Be

Ginger Witch

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