Ten thousand years ago there was a forest…

… and it stood where now there is sand and the North Sea.

The beautiful Northumberland coastline has many beaches that not only take your breath away, but that the local people are immensely proud of. One of these beaches lies on the slow paced and peaceful area of Cresswell.

If you go down to the beach at high tide you’ll find a lovely sandy beach stretching as far as the eye can see to the South and another tranquil town, Amble, to the North. You can walk for miles and breathe in the refreshing sea air whilst feeling the soft sand between your toes.

If you go at low tide, however, you’ll have an entirely different experience. Peeking through the sand you will find pieces of a ten thousand year old sunken forest. Branches, tree stumps, roots and bark create a stunning scene of ancient wonder. Claw marks from bears and wild boars who’s paws walked the same ground as our own sandy bare feet can be seen on these pieces of prehistoric wood; some are scratches, some are paw prints, all are completely mind blowing.

When these trees stood tall they were rooted in a strip of land called Doggerland, which, a long time ago, before the last Ice Age, connected our little island to the mainland of Europe, long before we even were a grassy, damp and windy island full of mystery and wonder.

Then, in one of the most monumental climate shifts in our earths life, the Ice Age crept upon our corner of the world, then slowly melted away again, leaving behind the newly created North Sea, swamping Doggerland, and submerging this ancient forest forever, but preserving it perfectly for centuries to come. This wood does not rot, does not petrify and does not decay. It is perfectly preserved in the cold salty waters of our breathtaking Northumberland coast.

I can’t imagine any reason why anyone wouldn’t want to see this awe inspiring spectacle, one of only around six in the UK, however as part of this blog, as a witch and out of respect for this earth, I must ask that this ancient forest continues to be given the respect, awe and reverence it deserves.

Stay Wild & Blessed Be

Ginger Witch